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Stephen O'Malley & Atsuo / Uroborus Circuit

IXLP-0008  ¥2200 (tax excluded) Release date: Feb.23rd 

Uroborus was the result of a 2 day tracking session by Atsuo/Boris and Stephen O'Malley in Southern Studios, London September 2006. While the pair was meeting to do press for the "Altar" album they took the chance to work on 2 main pieces of music centering around the use and manipulation on acoustic feedback purely. No instruments were used on this recording. The LP was mixed by You Ishihara (ex. White Heaven, The Stars) and mastered by Soichiro Nakamura at Peace Music resulting in sounds akin to deep birdcall or flocking/swarming, and a psychological meditation on the pleasure and capability of visualization through music.

Clear, White or Black disc in heavy weighted jacket, placed in plastic bag.
Limited to 1200 copies.
Disc colors: 200 x Clear Heavy Weight, 300 x White, and 700 x Black.



Boris with Michio Kurihara / Rainbow Box Set

IXLP-0007Box / ¥24,500 (tax excluded)

Special box set including

  • * Photo book
    50pages in full color+photo book bound in deluxe cloth+special made cover.
  • * Rainbow LP
    Clear LP only made for the special box set.
  • * Bonus LP Clear LP
    including unreleased 2 songs.
  • * Rainbow DVD
    Unreleased video clip of "Rainbow"(track on Japanese version)
  • * Special made plastic case for the box set.


Boris with Michio Kurihara / Rainbow (LP)

IXLP-0007 / ¥2,500 (tax excluded)

This beautiful and powerful document shows a new side to Boris. Wata's vocals and the famous guitar style of Kurihara make this one of their most important collaborations yet.


sunn O))) & Boris / Altar (CD)

IXCD-0006 / ¥2,800 (tax excluded)

The Japanese version of Altar comes with an additional bonus track "The Singing Bell (Black Sheep)". Special packaging by Fangsanalsatan.


boris / dronevil - final - (2xCD)

IXCD-0403/0404 / ¥3,000 (tax excluded)

Play both CD's at the same time through seperate speakers and CD players to achieve the full effect of this release. -final- has an extra song on each disk


boris / sound track from film "mabuta no ura" (LP)

IXLP-0402 / ¥3,800 (tax excluded)

22 pages of LP sized photo/story cards and a big poster enclosed.


boris with merzbow / 04092001 LP

IXLP-0005 / ¥3,000 Sold Out

Limited 500 copies. Heavy weight LP in dark silver cover.


Boris / 7"EP "1970 / wa re ru ra i do"

X7S-0401 / ¥1,000 Sold Out

Side A : 1970
Side B : wa re ru ra i do
Previously unreleased recordings. Limited 500 copies.


boris with merzbow / megatone

IXCD-0004 / ¥2,300 (tax excluded)

The first collaboration album of Boris and Merzbow. Beautiful Heavy Ambient Drone.


Boris v.s. Choukoku No Niwa / More Echoes, Touching Air Landscape

IXCD-0003 / ¥2,000 (tax excluded)

Reissued with a new metallic orange gatefold sleeve!! Coupling Album of BORIS and CHOUKOKU NO NIWA.


Keiji Haino with Boris / Black : Implication Flooding

XCD-0002 / ¥2,000 (tax excluded)

Super heavy collaboration. Contains 9 songs chosen by themselves.

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Rollo 3 (LP)

IXLP-0602 / ¥2,000 (tax excluded)

Rollo's new album after three years. As the result of the duo turning into a solo project after releasing the first album "Pinhole", this album shows Rollo's singer-songwriter side and is more focused on singing.

Produced by Atsuo (Boris), bringing vintage gear and analog echoes into a warehouse with iron walls and recorded by 4-track Casette MTR. Limited to 500 copies. Artwork by Fangsanalsatan.


Rollo / Pinhole

IXLP-0601 / ¥2,300 (tax excluded)

A Shocking new project produced by Atsuo (Boris), Drifting through the Psych Noise introduction the Acid Folk impressions of Rollo emerge.



KTL IV (2x12"+EP)

IX12-0701 / ¥4,800 (tax excluded)

Special Edition double 12" in gatefold tip on sleeve, with obi, mounted 7", and printed innerlsleeves. Japanese pressing, cut at 45 rpm. Limited to 500 copies.


niwa / I & I Harmonic Odyssey (CD)

IXCD-0501 / ¥2,500 (tax excluded)

Choukoku no Niwa who released "More Echoes Touching Air Landscape" with Boris changed their name to "niwa". This is their first album.


gaji / 9pm at gfm (CD)

IXCD-0301 / ¥1,800 (tax excluded)

The first release since Masuyoshi joined as a bass player.


thermo / touring inferno

IXCD-0202 / ¥1,800(tax excluded)

Techno / Avant-Garde dance music duo's 2nd album. Artwork by Naoki Yamamoto.


thermo / drum plugged

IXCD-0201 / ¥2,200 (tax excluded)

Kimijima (Gaji) and Sudoh (ex. Melt Banana's drummer) formed Techno/Avant-garde duo!


SOFT / Shamanic Waveform

IXCD-0101 / ¥2,500(tax excluded)

The first album of Soft. This is the only album you can listen to early Soft with a great vocalist.


V.A. / From Koenji to Eternity

IXCD-0001 / ¥2,000 (tax excluded)

KIRIHITO, BORIS, GAJI, Korean Buddhist God, OAC,  KONK with NULL(ZENIGEVA), Mustard Masturbation

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