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Conditions of Use

The contents of the following conditions of use, can be changed without any prior notice.

Placing Orders

We are very careful about managing our inventory, but we may be out of stock of an item for unexpected reasons. In this case we will refund your money. To calculate the shipping costs we will add a 10% of the weight of the product to consider packing. Please understand it may be different from the actual weight of the parcel. Also we may have to predict the weight for non-stock items, which may differ from the actual weight. In this cases we wil use the weight shown on our web site to calculate shipping costs. If you have any questions regarding the weights and shipping costs please contact us before you place any orders. The shipping costs and weights of the items shown on our web site, can change without any prior notice. There is a chance that you will see the actual explanation of the items when they were released. Please note that comments like "New product", can be from the the time the item was released. When ordering posters, please order a poster tube for shipping as well. The posters can not the packed with other items,(pin-badges can be packed together with posters), some of the T-shirts also can be packed with the posters, so please contact us for further infortmation.

Checking Out

The final charges and your payments will be calculated based on Japanese Yen. The U.S.dollar princing on our website are only for a reference. Depending on the way you choose to make your payments the exchange rates and remittance charges will differ, so the final amount to be withdrawn may also differ. Please note that the correct prices shown are the ones shown in Japanese Yen. We kindly ask you to not make any mistakes while writing your adress, because we wll ship your order to the adress given. We will not assume any responsability for orders shipped to adresses given incorrectly. And in case your order is shipped back to us because of incorrect adresses, there will be an additional charge for re-shipping your order.

Acquisition Points

You will receive point(s) from each item you order. For most of the items, acquisition points are 1% of the Yen prices, except very limited items (1pont) and some of Inoxia titles (5%). Acquired points will be effective after shipping.

Shipping & Returns

Please refer to the "Shipping & Returns" section.

Receiving your order

Normally EMS services will hand your order directly to you, but in the other services mentioned, your order will be placed must certainly in your mail box. If you are concerned about the safety of your mail box, we recommend you to use EMS services. Regarding the shipping methods, if you are not able to receive your package and do not claim it after a certain period of time that your post office sets, your order will be delivered back to us. And if you want us to re-send it, we will have to charge you for shipping again. In these type of cases we will determine the situation of the return based on the reports given by the post office. Problems like, you didn't received any notices for your absence on delivery time, or your order was transfered even though you claimed your order, are up to you to discuss with the postal service of your country. But we will try to help you sending the reports given to us by the postal office. Please check your order within 1 week from arrival. We will not be responsible for any problems after 1 week, and we will not be able to send you a replacement order in case of damaged items.etc.

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