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About Shipping Status of "June 26th" Items

Before the 26th we stated "we start shipping on the 26th" and after the 26th we deleted that description.
We have been receiving inquires from customers who had the assumption that ALL pre-orders would be shipped on the 26th. As stated, that was the START DATE.

Please understand we are a human powered shop. The release date was the 26th, and we have received the items right before that, so the date we could start shipping was the 26th.

Orders by the 11th-12th have been shipped by yesterday, except orders with special requests and orders with surface mail shipping, etc.

We have been working daily, nightly, and through weekends to get these orders to you as quickly as possible.
We estimate pre-orders placed by the 24th (Japanese time) will be shipped today or tomorrow and we will catch up with our regular shipping terms on Thursday.

Please allow a few days to update your order status on your account, and we really appreciate customers waiting patiently.

Thank you very much.

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