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To the customers who pre-ordered Boris / Phenomenons Drive 12"

Thank you very much for your pre-orders.
We have shipped all orders placed by July 20th (Japanese time) as we have announced, except some orders with problems or changes (see below).
Please allow a few more days to update your order status, to let us pack and ship the rest of the orders quickly.
We will start shipping the orders placed after July 20th within a few days.

We hold:
* Orders with surface mail shipping
We have sent mails or messages to confirm if this slow and risky method was really your choice for this limited record.
We still have not heard back from some customers, so we would like to hold them for a few more days.
* Orders with changes made after Aug.6th
We are processing them now.
* Orders including poster(s) with this record
We will contact individually


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