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We have sent our latest newsletter (#161) out at 21:35 on Sep.26th (Japanese time).
If you did not receive it, please check your spammail folder.
All important mails are sent from the same e-mail address.
Please set your mailer to receive our mails.

We expect a large number of orders at once and it will take more time to process than usual.
In case we get many orders of a particular size or color (for clothing and goods), items may be sold out even if you were able to place an order. If that happens we will contact you by e-mail.

**** About newsletter subscription ****
Please read the following before you send a message to us.

Account holders:
Please log in and change "unsubscribe" to "subscribe". If it says "subscribe", you are already on the mailing list.

New visitors:
We recommend creating an account selecting "subscribe" on the mailing list choice. Creating your account in advance will make placing your first order quicker and easier.
If you choose not to create an account now, please use the "Contact Us" form to subscribe. You can send us a message simply as "newsletter" or anything to let us know you wish to subscribe.

**** To customers in Japan ****

Due to a raise of Japan Post service called "Click Post", we need to change our domestic "Flat Rate" fee from 164 yen to 200 yen at noon on the 23rd.
"Flat Rate" can be used only for the small item(s) such as CDs, T-shirts and small goods.


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