We are sorry to announce a temporary reduction of the service between Japan Post and the postal services to following countries from Nov.2nd.

Affected Countries:

Method which becomes unavailable from Nov.2nd:

Currently available methods:
EMS, Registered Surface

According to Japan Post's latest update on Oct.17, 2021, we can ship to the following countries. (We list only the countries where we currently have customers)

Australia: Surface only (delay)
Austria: regular (delay)
Belgium: regular (delay)
Bosnia and Herzegovina: regular (delay)
Brazil: Registered Surface only (significant delay)
Bulgaria: regular (delay)
Canada: Regular airmail and Surface only (significant delay)
Chile: regular
China: regular
Croatia: regular
Cyprus: regular
Czech: regular (delay)
Denmark: regular
Estonia: regular
Finland: regular
France: regular (one month delay)
Germany: regular (significant delay)
Greece: Surface only (delay)
Hong Kong: regular (delay)
Hungary: regular (delay)
Iceland: regular (delay)
India: Surface only (delay)
Indonesia: regular (delay)
Ireland: regular
Israel: Surface only (delay, phone number required for smooth delivery)
Italy: Surface only
Japan: regular
Korea: regular (delay)
Latvia: regular (delay)
Lithuania: regular (delay)
Luxembourg: regular
Malaysia: regular (delay)
Mexico: regular (significant delay)
Montenegro: regular
Netherlands: regular
New Zealand: regular (2-3 weeks delay)
Norway: regular
Poland: regular (delay)
Portugal: regular (delay)
Romania: Surface only (delay)
Russia: Surface only (delay)
Serbia: regular
Singapore: regular (phone number required for smooth delivery)
Slovakia: regular (delay)
Slovenia: regular (delay)
Spain: regular (significant delay)
Sweden: regular
Switzerland: regular (delay)
Taiwan: regular
Turkey: regular (delay)
Ukraine: regular
United Kingdom: regular (significant delay)
U.S.A.: EMS and Surface only (delay)

Even for the above countries, SAL and Registered SAL are not available. Also, delivery of your order will take longer than usual. Please understand.

For countries not listed above, we recommend placing orders selecting "Bill me later". We will hold your order for a month, and when shipping to your country becomes available again we will send a PayPal invoice to you.
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