Boris / Heavy Rocks

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CD (2022)

Release date: Aug 12, 2022

Boris has been presenting the latest form of what they perceive Heavy Rock to be in the releases of "Heavy Rocks" (orange, 2002) and "Heavy Rocks" (purple, 2011) 10 years apart. Now another 10 years later, they unleash the 3rd version of "Heavy Rocks" (leopard print, 2022). 
The title "Heavy Rocks" is a theme/symbol of them crossing the past to the future.
This Japanese version includes a Japan-exclusive 16-page booklet.

Track list:
  1. She is burning
  2. Cramper
  3. My name is blank
  4. Blah Blah Blah -お前は間違っていて俺も間違っていてそれは正しさ-
  5. 光 -Question 1-
  6. Nosferatou
  7. Ruins -瓦礫の郷愁-
  8. 形骸化イマジネーション -Ghostly imagination-
  9. 幸福という首輪 -Chained-
  10. (not) Last song

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