Inoxia Records, formed as an independent record label in 1996 in Tokyo, started selling internationally the next year via letters and fax. When selling online became more common, Inoxia's web store opened, changing the way people could buy Japanese independent releases.

Inoxia Records is proud to have long term relationships with our customers. We are a bilingual team, native Japanese and native English, doing our best to keep close ties to your favorite Japanese artists (and ours) as well as those abroad. These include bands not only released by Inoxia Records, but also bands who have released with us and have gone on to work with many labels over the globe, such as the enigmatic and prolific Boris. In fact, Inoxia founder Enju Tanahashi managed the band from their early years until early 2008.

We are a small label, but we do our best to a maintain a relationship of trust and provide the best service possible to our customers and fellow music fans. If you have a question, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer. And if you ever come to a Boris show in Japan, please say hello at the merch table!