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CD (2020) 

In 1996 Boris put out their first independently released full-length single on their own label, Fangsanalsatan, limited to 1,000 copies on CD. While being their independent debut release, it was a recording of one 60 minute-long song, a substantial innovation to the methodology of heavy music at the time. In 1992 the Melvins put out “Lysol”, in 1993 Earth “2” came out, and Boris unveiled their first release as if in response. In the same year they underwent their first tour of the US west coast.

During that tour they met Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson of Sunn O))) who came to the venue in Seattle, which marked the beginning of their long-lasting friendship. Boris, followed by Sunn O))), became known as representatives of “Drone Metal”, and already at that time “Drone Metal” and “Power Ambient” had breathed their first breaths, taking place as a kind of overseas synchronicity.
5 years later in 2001, Southern Lord Records, the label founded by Greg Anderson, re-released Boris’s debut including a bonus track as “Absolutego+ (Special Low Frequency Version)”. This version was produced from the label side, lowering the tempo/pitch of the song, providing an extreme sound and mastering that has left its mark on the scene.

While Boris had been increasing their tour activity overseas especially in the US, Earth, who had been on hiatus, received support from Southern Lord Records to make a return. Along with Sunn O))) and Boris, the actions from these 3 bands had an increasingly profound effect on the scene, presently being referred to as the originators of the “Drone Metal” genre.

At the time in 1996, there wasn’t a general understanding in the process of mastering among independent productions. This time, the original version has been remastered carefully. Including the bonus track, “Absolutego” is being released from Boris’s own label, Fangsanalsatan, for the first time in 24 years.

***Track Listing***
1. Absolutego (60:23)
2. Dronevil 2 (07:53) Bonus Track


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