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CD (2020) 

In the present, Boris is a band that has toured overseas constantly, supported by Alternative/ Indie Rock fans around the world. In 2020 they put out a digitally released album in advance on Bandcamp, “NO”, with an approach displaying hardcore as one of their musical roots throughout the album to the delight of not only Boris fans, but also longtime hardcore music fans. Their 2020 USA tour was postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they had been planning to meet that schedule with the remastered re-release of their first album from 1998, “Amplifier Worship”, from Mangrove Label. Now they’ve planned the simultaneous release of 3 titles: “NO” finally on CD and vinyl from Blood Sucker Records and their remastered 1st Full-length Single from 1996, “Absolutego”, released on their own label, Fangsanalsatan, along with “Amplifier Worship” from Mangrove. The composition of Boris’s 3 steadfast members from the mid to late 90’s resulted in “Amplifier Worship”, released at a time of intense interaction when Boris and other bands who achieved a transformation of musicianship from hardcore became known as Sludge/Stoner/Doom etc. The heavy, aggressive hardness in the underlying sound is not just rock, but actually close to hardcore. On track 4’s “Kuruimizu”, hardcore transitions to an ambient/minimal sound that perhaps became the starting point of the audio image that later defined the lowercase “boris” representative sound. Without distinguishing the two styles by lettering, both hard and floaty musicianship coexist on this album that presently can be seen as the dawning of a new era! Remastering observed by Boris for re-release!

***Track Listing***
2. Ganbou-ki