Boris / Black Original Remix

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12" (2011) 

A1- Black Original (Lugar E-Go Remix)
B1- Black Original(Luger E-Go Re-Boost)
B2- Black Original (9dw Black Magic Original Woman Mix)

Highly respected Japanese DJ and producer, Kenji Takimi from the world renowned CRUE-L label, has contributed two mixes under his LUGER E-Go project guise. The “LUGER E-Go Remix” employs crazed tribal drums, new wave funk loops and a hypnotic bass -line to create a charged, psychedelic atmosphere, luring the listener into chaos. Takimi’s “LUGER E-Go Re-Boost” pushes things even further, increasing the sense of delirium.

Kensuke Saito, whose “9dw” project released an eponymous L.P of “electro fusion/boogie” in 2008 on the U.S Label, Wax Poetics, has a longstanding relationship with Boris. In 2009 they released a spilt single together called “Golden Dance Classics”, and Kensuke played synthesizers on the Boris LP, “Galaxians (Heavy Rocks)”. This working relationship led to the band inviting Kensuke to remix “Black Magic Original Woman” in the disco style he is so well know for, while maintaining the aggressive, rock feel of the original.

This release is most definitely primed for the dance floor and will surely see an even wider audience able to enjoy the unique delights of Boris.

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