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CD (2008) 


A full album released from the Capital letter version of BORIS, out from a 2 year inactivity period they follow the same footsteps as in the previous album PINK, but with a deep evolution on their work that makes this album a delightful work.

The obstinate melody and songs that blossomed from the collaboration work with Michio Kurihara on RAINBOW and the thundering sound of heavy fuzz rock. All this elements are deconstructed and re-built by You Ishihara better known from the producing work of the band Yurayura Teikoku.
They step into a territory that nobody has ever experienced. And the overwhelming reality acquired from their world tours evidenced the "Band's present" situation.
It is important to mention that the basic concept of this album is the focus they put on the songs that we can call as heavy pop styled songs. They reflect this on the covering of songs like "Hana Taiyou Ame" of the band PYG.

The guest players, Michio Kurihara (guitar from the band The Stars), and Stephen O'malley (guitar from the band SUNN O))) aggregate a touch of colorfulness and a deep bass sound to the finishing product. The Japanese version includes a clear special package.

The yellow hearts are pretty and wicked and serves as a sign for this album.

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