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Cassette Tape + Download Code (2022)

Out on 2022/10/15

This is a limited cassette tape release of Boris’s album “W”, released in January 2022. (The recording is the same as the CD version)

Sound production on "W" was done by suGar yoshinaga of Buffalo Daughter. 
TOKIE, one of Japan's representative bassists, is welcomed as a guest musician.
Energetic oil painter Kotao Tomozawa's artwork will be used for the jacket.


Track list:

Side A
1. I want to go to the side where you can touch… (5:24)
2. イセリナの神様は言葉 -Icelina- (5:18)
3. 数に溺れて -Drowning by Numbers- (4:16)
4. Invitation (2:56)
5. 未来石 -The fallen- (4:30)

Side B
1. 善悪の彼岸 -Beyond Good and Evil- (3:51)
2. Old Projector (4:38)
3. 知 -You Will Know- "Ohayo" Version (9:20)
4. 乗算 -Jozan- (1:25)
5. ひとりごと -Soliloquy- (6:19) (Japan-only bonus track)

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