Boris / W (+ free poster)

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CD (2021)

The first batch of the CD comes with a double sided A2 size (59.4cm x 42cm) poster. The poster is folded into sixths.

Out on 2022/1/21

Sound production on "W" was done by suGar yoshinaga of Buffalo Daughter. 
TOKIE, one of Japan's representative bassists, is welcomed as a guest musician.
Energetic oil painter Kotao Tomozawa's artwork will be used for the jacket.

Track list:

01. I want to go to the side where you can touch… (5:24)
02. イセリナの神様は言葉 -Icelina- (5:18)
03. 数に溺れて -Drowning by Numbers- (4:16)
04. Invitation (2:56)
05. 未来石 -The fallen- (4:30)
06. 善悪の彼岸 -Beyond Good and Evil- (3:51)
07. Old Projector (4:38)
08. 知 -You Will Know- “Ohayo” Version (9:20)
09. 乗算 -Jozan- (1:25)
10. ひとりごと -Soliloquy- (6:19) (Japan-only bonus track)

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