Coaltar Of The Deepers x Boris / Hello There (pre-order 2024/1/24)

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CD (2024)

Out on 2024/1/24.

Split album with new recordings of past songs and covers of each other's songs.

Coaltar Of The Deepers
1. Wipe out 2. Melody (Boris Cover) 3. Waterbird 4. Killing Another
5. Luna 6. Quicksilver 7. Serial Tear (COTD Cover)

Coaltar Of The Deepers
Narasaki: Vocals, Guitar, Programming
Kanno: Drums, Percussion
Nagasawa: Bass
Negishi: Guitar
Takatori: Guitar

Atsuo: Vocals & Electronics
Takeshi: Vocals & Guitar
Wata: Guitar & Echo
Muchio: Drums

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