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all songs & lyrics by Toriyama Yohei
arranged by EXTRUDERS

engineered by Kimijima Yui (Tsubame Studio)
mixed by Kimijima Yui (track. 1-5, 9) & Watanabe Ryo (track. 6-8, 10)
mastering by Kimijima Yui

The beautiful artwork by rising painter Otsuki Motoko. The enclosed booklet features as much as 8 pieces from her series painting "party".

Review by Ian Martin, Japan Times, excerpt

“The first half basically covers the same material as “Pray”, with delicate, intricately structured melodies
delivered with barely more than a murmur by bassist/vocalist Yohei Toriyama and embroidered by spectral melodies and expertly deployed bursts of
feedback and noise that Ryo Okada teases and caresses out of his guitar. The second half of the albums sees the band exploring new territory, with
Velvetsy thirteen and a half-minute Luna and in a more tightly focussed form on Elder? Minor? in particular pushing the envelope both in terms of
minimalism and expansiveness before cutting to a ruthless and
sudden stop. Every sound on Colors seems to have been lovingly fashioned and placed with the utmost precision and care, and behind these 53 minutes
clearly lie many hours of work as the group honed these songs down to the glittering, sculpted finished result we see here.”
“And despite the eccentricities of their performances, the songs on the Extruders’ new album, “Colors,” are things of extraordinary beauty,
with echoes of American bands such as Yo La Tengo and The Velvet Underground, as well as a sparse, understated charm all of their own.”

Release Date : 2013. 04. 03