Sex Virgin Killer / The Lights Will Fall (Cassette Tape)

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Cassette Tape (2023) 

Out on 2023/3/15
Limited 100 cassette tapes

Lilii Mar a.k.a masa - Vocals, Guitars & Electronics
Aisha - Vocals
Supporting Members
Knk - Bass
Hammer - Drums, Percussion & Electronics

[Side A]
1. The lights will fall
2. Devil

[Side B]
1. The lights will fall (Shinobu Narita Remix)
2. The lights will fall (Dark Side Mix)

"The lights will fall"
Mixed (Side A Track 1 & Side B Track 2) by lilii
Remixed (Side B Track 1) by Shinobu Narita

Mixed by Atsuo (Boris)

Recorded Engineered by lilii at lilii sound loom, Sonic Band Studio, Studio Noah, Studio Life
Mastered by Soichiro Nakamura (Peace Music)
Mask created by Yuichiro Tamaki
Layout Design by Uzuki Watanabe

Music by Lilii Mar a.k.a masa
Words by Aisha Lilii Mar a.k.a masa
All Songs Written Produced by Sex Virgin Killer

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