Z.O.A x Boris / Refrain LP

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LP (Black vinyl) (2020)

This limited vinyl was made by the German label "Dog Knights Productions" to sell on the second postponed show for Z.O.A x Boris on Sep.22nd at Koenji High in Tokyo.

In the 1990's, Z.O.A appeared suddenly with unique and ultramodern music dominating the scene, then disappeared.

At the same time, Boris started almost as if they were taking Z.O.A's place.

There was no chance to associate each other at that time, but the coalition had been wiggling below the surface.

Their relationship became more dense, with Morikawa, the central figure of Z.O.A, participating in Boris recent recordings, and forming a collective "A/N" by principal members of both bands.
In Feb. 2019 Z.O.A reunited and returned, having a solo show. They released a new CD and DVD at the same time produced by Atsuo (Boris), who has professed being influenced by Z.O.A for a while now.

The time was ripe to have a show by the two bands as “Z.O.A x Boris”.

However, it was postponed three times, once due to natural disaster in October 2019 and twice more because of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

A conceptual collaboration album, “Refrain” by Z.O.A and Boris.
One track, 33 minutes, a suite transcending time and space by the two bands.

The long musical pilgrimage by these two unconventional bands echoes here as the proof of promised "inevitability".

Amongst the reoccurring overwhelming trifle, it echoes here as the proof of their existence.

Someday, no matter what.


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