Terms of Service

1. Seller of goods

Inoxia Records is the seller of users of each product (hereinafter referred to as "product") handled by this service.

2. Notes on ordering

The procedure after placing an order will be based on the information entered on the information entry page and sent to Inoxia Records by online order. Please check your input and your order. If there is an error in the contents of the order sent to Inoxia Records due to the online order, Inoxia Records will not accept any returns other than those specified in the separate `` Returns / Exchanges '' unless otherwise attributable to Inoxia Records. Please note that we cannot respond to any requests.

3. Notes on the sale

The sales contract between the user and Inoxia Records shall be concluded upon the completion of the formal order procedure specified below at Inoxia Records for the product ordered by the user. If necessary, Inoxia Records may email the user to confirm the payment method and order details. If Inoxia Records informs you that you will accept your order in this e-mail notification, regardless of the above, the purchase and sale will take place when Inoxia Records informs you that you accept the order. The contract shall be concluded.

“Completion of the formal order procedure” means each time specified in the following 1. to 5. according to the payment method selected by the user.
1. If you choose to pay by cash on delivery, when Inoxia Records receives the information on your confirmation page.
2. If you choose to pay by credit card, the time when your credit card is approved by your credit card company.
3. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, when Inoxia Records confirms the bank transfer payment from you.
4. If you choose to pay by PayPal, when Inoxia Records receives a payment notification email from PayPal.
5. In the case of using other payment methods separately provided by Inoxia Records, at the time specified in the relevant guidance of Inoxia Records.

When Inoxia Records receives the information on the content confirmation page as a result of placing an online order, an email is sent to the user based on the information on the content confirmation page for the purpose of notifying the user of this receipt. This may be sent, but this is to inform you that Inoxia Records has received the information on the content confirmation page, not to Inoxia Records' acceptance of your order. Please be careful.

Change / Cancel

If you make changes to your order or cancel your order after you place an order for the product, please email Inoxia Records by e-mail before your order has been successfully processed. Please offer. If you change your order, you may have to enter your order again. Please note that once the formal order has been processed, no changes to the order or cancellation of the order will be accepted except for the returns specified in the separate "Returns / Exchanges" section.

Those who need to consent to order

If you are under the age of 20, please order the product with the consent of your parents or parents.

Refuse order if you wish to pay by credit card or split credit

Please note that even if you wish to pay by credit card, your order will be refused if the credit card company does not approve the use of the credit card. In this case, please use another payment method. In addition, even if the procedure for ordering from the screen is completed, we may refuse to use the credit card after that. In this case, within a few days after application, Inoxia Records will contact you via email and use another payment method.

4.Payment information

Payment method and payment time

You can select one of the following methods from 1. to 5. for each order unit.


When the product is delivered to the destination specified by the user, pay the price to the delivery person who delivered the product in exchange for the product. If you choose the COD payment method, the following fees will be charged according to the purchase price, unless there is a special label on the product posted on each homepage. (Consumption tax etc. is included in the commission.) If the total purchase price (tax included) is less than 30,000 yen Commission 400 yen If the total purchase price (tax included) is 30,000 yen or more Commission 450 yen

2. Credit card

Only credit cards in the name of the user can be used for payment. The following five types of credit cards are available.
JCB, MasterCard, and VISA
users pay for products in accordance with the terms and conditions of each credit card company. The date on which the credit card of the user is deemed to have been used is the date on which the sales contract for the product ordered by the user has been established in accordance with `` 3. I will.

3. Bank transfer

Please transfer the price of the goods to the bank account specified by Inoxia Records which will be displayed on the screen when you submit your order. Please transfer as a telegraph. The transfer fee will be borne by the user. Please give me transfer within one week after ordering. If payment of the product price from the user cannot be confirmed within one week, it will be treated as cancellation.


PayPal is available.

5. Other payment methods

If Inoxia Records offers other payment methods, you can choose one.