Full Of Hell / Roots of Earth, Rudiments of Mutilation

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2xCD (2020)


disc I: Roots Of Earth
1.Pile of Dead Horses
2.Endless Drone
3.The Bed Is Burning
4.Rat King 
5.The White Mare 
6.Dregs of Pluto
7.Black Iron
8.Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home
9.Pisces Legs
10.The Oars Are Broken
11.Affirmation of Nothing

disc II: Rudiments Of Mutilation
13.Vessel Deserted
14.Coven of The Larynx
15.Throbbing Lung Fiber
16.Indigence and Guilt
18.The Lord is My Light
19.Bone Coral and Brine
20.Rudiments of Mutilation
21.In Contempt of Life


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