This is a current list of the postal situation including an announcement from Japan Post on Nov.1st.

Improved on Nov.2nd: Canada, Finland, Brazil, Chile, Romania

Available Methods as of 2022/11/13

Australia: regular, Courier (6-11 days)
Austria: Air, Surface, Courier
Belgium: regular
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Surface, Courier
Brazil: EMS, Registered Surface, Courier to company
Bulgaria: regular (significant delay)
Canada: EMS, Surface (significant delay), Courier to companies
Chile: EMS, Courier
China: EMS, Courier to companies
Croatia: regular (significant delay)
Cyprus: regular (significant delay)
Czech: Air, Surface, Courier
Denmark: Air, Surface, Courier
Estonia: regular (significant delay)
Finland: regular, Courier
France: EMS, Surface, Courier
Germany: EMS, Surface, Courier
Greece: regular (delay)
Hong Kong: regular
Hungary: Air, Surface, Courier
Iceland: regular (delay)
India: Surface only (delay)
Indonesia: regular (delay)
Ireland: regular (significant delay)
Israel: regular (delay, phone number required for smooth delivery), Courier
Italy: regular, Courier
Japan: regular
Korea: regular (delay)
Latvia: Air, Surface, Courier to Riga only
Lithuania: Air, Surface, Courier
Luxembourg: regular (significant delay)
Malaysia: regular (delay)
Malta: regular
Mexico: regular (2-3 weeks delay)
Montenegro: regular
Netherlands: regular, Courier
New Zealand: regular (2-3 weeks delay)
Norway: Air, Surface, Courier
Poland: Registered Airmail, Courier
Portugal: Air, Surface, Courier
Romania: regular (delay), Courier
Russia: unavailable
San Marino: regular
Serbia: regular
Singapore: regular (phone number required for smooth delivery)
Slovakia: regular (delay)
Slovenia: regular (delay)
Spain: regular (significant delay)
Sweden: Air, Surface, Courier
Switzerland: regular (delay)
Taiwan: regular
Turkey: regular (delay)
Ukraine: regular
United Kingdom: EMS, Surface, Courier
U.S.A.: EMS and Surface only (delay)
Vatican: Registered airmail, airmail

"Regular" means (almost) all postal methods such as EMS, Registered Airmail, Airmail are available.

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