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Q. I can't log in with my email address and password I used at Inoxia's old online shop.
A. We have opened our new shop on 2020/10/7. Order history and points are carried over to the new shop but not passwords.
Please create your account again (using the same email address) and you will be able to keep and gain points.
Purchase as a visitor is also possible, for no points.

Q. Help me choose shipping method.
A. Our primary recommendation is EMS for fast, trackable and insured shipping. If your main concern is to save postage where the total weight of your order is under 4.4lbs or 2kg, you may choose Small Packet. Because Small packet is neither insured nor trackable, please be advised that we are not capable to answer your question about delay or loss of the item you ordered.
What if my order exceeds 4.4 lbs / 2 kg? Choose SAL or EMS, or separate your order.

Packing Options:

Q. I want to protect my order to get delivered in the best cosmetic condition. What is your recommendation? A. You may want to choose "A5 Box" (cardboard box) from Shipping Box option. The box is free itself, but with its extra weight, the postage may be increased.
We are happy to remove the vinyl from the sleeve and double box at your request. Just ask us to do so by filling in "Special Instruction" in the Special Instructions field in the bottom of "Step 1 of 3 - Delivery Information".
EMS is the best option here. Avoid Surface unless you know what it is.

Q. Do you remove the vinyl from the sleeve for me?
A. Yes for the non-shrink wrapped vinyls. Fortunately, most of the LPs and the EPs from Inoxia and Daymare Recordings fall into this category. Enter "REMOVE THE VINYL FROM THE SLEEVE" in the Special Instructions field in the bottom of "Step 1 of 3 - Delivery Information".

Q. Do you double-box my order for me?
A. Yes. But you have to follow the instruction as below. What for? Well, double-boxing will cause you an extra postage for increased total weight, but the cart program we use doesn't tell us how much it will exactly be until you check out. So, we have a workaround here.
1) Enter "DOUBLE BOX MY ORDER" in the Special Instructions field in the bottom of "Step 1 of 3 - Delivery Information".
2) Choose "Money Order" for your payment method WITHOUT REGARD TO YOUR REAL PREFERENCE.
3) Then, Check out. Please note the total you see at this moment is NOT final.
4) We will send you PayPal Money Request with the FINAL PRICE containing the increased postage.
5) Follow the instruction in the PayPal Money Request to check out. That's it.

Post-Order Questions:

Q. Have you shipped my order yet?
A. Log in to check out your order status. [Log in] link is at the top right corner of every page.

Q. Why you don't ship out yet?
A. See if your order contains any of "Pre-Order" items. If your order contains this type of item, shipping of your order will be deferred until the release date. If you wish to get delivered the normal items (non-pre-ordered items) as soon as possible, separate your order.

Q. I got a shipping notice but it doesn't tell the tracking number of my order. Why?
A. If you choose Small Packet for shipping, tracking number will NOT be supplied. Tracking is only available for EMS shipping.

Post-Delivery Questions:

Q. I have received only a part of my order. Why?
A. For an internal operation reason, we sometimes ship your order in separate parcels. And for another internal operation reason, you sometimes have notice of the separate shipping after delivery.

Q. I haven't received the "Free with Purchase" item!
A. Firstly visit the item description and see if your order is eligible for Free with Purchase. If it is, contact us.