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Fuzz pedal for Guitar or Bass Guitar

Hand made Octave-Up-Fuzz specially built for Boris' Guitar player Wata.

This has only been available for sale at a small number at Boris shows. Now the manufacturer, M.A.S.F. Pedals, is making 50 to order for Inoxia this time! These will be produced specially for each order?

watafuzz features hard distortion and extreme octave as you hear in Boris' song "Statement". This pedal is originally made for Guitars, but it can be used with Bass Guitar also. The "fuzzy" surface is also a characteristic feature.

The package contains:
* watafuzz (inside of the lid autographed by Wata)
* Instruction (a diagram in English, text in Japanese. Japanese text is translated into English on this page.)
* Owner's Card autographed by Wata
* Wata Pick Set

Above housed in a black cardboard box.

Details of Product

Manufacturer: M.A.S.F. http://masf.figity.com/
Product Dimensions: Length 112mm x Width 60mm x Height 48mm including the knobs
Product Weight: 241g (shipping weight is shown below)
Power: 006P 9V battery (not included) or AC adapter (9V DC center minus, not included)

Color: Black

Packaging: Protected by bubble wrap and shipped in an outer cardboard box.

Product Warranty: One year from manufacturing (see "M.A.S.F. warrants" below)

Please note!!!!

"watafuzz" is not a product of Inoxia Records and the price is fixed by the manufacturer.

Order and shipping terms:

Taking orders ends on July 25th, 23:59 (Japanese time)
It may end earlier if the number reaches 50 before this set deadline

We will start shipping on Aug. 20th

Translation of enclosed Japanese instructions:

When an instrument cable is not plugged in to the "inst" jack, the battery will not drain, however, if the pedal is not in use for a long time please remove the battery for best results.

For battery use, please unscrew the screws at the four corners on the back, and attach the battery to the snaps inside of the pedal. Using in the wrong electrodes will cause disfunction.

The surface has special raised texture and is brittle. Because this is hand made, there may be light scratches or uneveness in the outer coating even if it is new. Please understand.

M.A.S.F. warrants (text by M.A.S.F.)

This product to be free of defects in materials or construction for a period of one years from the date of manufacture. Malfunction resulting from the wrong power supply voltages, the wrong connection of the battery, abuse of the product or any other causes determined by M.A.S.F. to be the fault of the user are not covered by this warranty, and normal service rates will apply. During the warranty period, any defective products will be repaired or replaced, at the option of M.A.S.F., on a return to M.A.S.F. basis, with the customer paying the transit cost to M.A.S.F. Please contact Inoxia Records via the "contact" form shown below for Return To Manufacturer Authorization. M.A.S.F. implies and accepts no responsibility for harm to person or apparatus caused through operation of this product.

Contact form: http://inoxia-rec.com/shop/index.php?main_page=contact_us&language=en